Friday, August 23, 2013

And now for your daily hippie

There is this thin, old hippie who suddenly appears, and climbs the corporate hill that rises from the grass   where I spread my blanket on my lunch hour. It is a deserted hill and the grass is a perfect emerald green, but it is bound by office buildings and parking lots. I lay on the blanket and descend into a relaxed state, often dozing off. At some point I sit up, to see this wizened, long haired old man, wearing a putty colored t-shirt, crossing the green below me, towards the hill. We regard each other speechlessly for just a second, then I quickly look away to avoid eye contact. He reaches the crest of the hill, and then he is gone. Where does he come from? Where does he go? He passes soundlessly as a cloud. He is an apparition.


  1. I am searching the intertubes for his blog. I am interested to see his version of this daily event.
    I wonder if he considers you an apparition, as well?

  2. fascinating. how 'bout getting a pic of him with your cell phone? now i am intrigued. what if...what if he goes to wherever he calls home and writes on HIS blog about a pretty brown-haired woman who dozes on a grassy hill and he wonders what she does the rest of the day? could happen.

  3. Ha ha, do you both realize you left almost the same comment?! Yes, indeed, perhaps he is blogging about me as well, because we both look at each other like, "What are YOU doing here?"