Saturday, August 31, 2013

A parklet for Y J's.

Y J's Snack Bar is one of my favorite places in Kansas City. And they now have a parklet right out front.

What's a parklet? A parking space that's been turned into green space for pedestrians. Can you spot Roger hiding out in this parklet in front of Y'J's?



  1. nice. but who will be responsible for maintaining? hoping roger didn't shrink. i'm intrigued by the shop next door...

  2. So...can cars still get into that parklet? If not, maybe they could ditch the "No Parking" sign.
    BTW...appears there might be a pretty good sized sale going on next door.

  3. Suzanne--Good question. Being a landscaper, I can see why you would ask that. The shop next door is owned by Peggy Noland, clothing designer, the same one who designed the clothes for the Nutcracker production Lilah and Roger were in.

    H.B. --You are so right. What is up with that No Parking sign. You are very observant. I never even noticed that. I guess the parklet isn't intended to be as permanent as the parking rules are. Good observation about the sale next door too. ;)