Friday, December 28, 2012

Meet My Christmas Peanuts

I have these peanut Christmas tree ornaments I rescued one year from a second-hand shop. They were somebody's abandoned homemade ornaments, with pipe-cleaner arms and legs, and appendages made of  clumsy gobs of brown wax.

When I found them, they lay tangled in a pile inside a cigar box. I took them home, freed their knotted limbs, and gave them new life adorning my Christmas tree. Then I put them back in the box for another year. But each Christmas I get them out and give them the privilege of dangling from my tree.

 Being that they have peanut shells for bodies, they are vulnerable to mice and our dog Cheri, yet they are full of bluster and personality. Some of them are downright onry! 

Mr. "show-stopper" Peanut is always ready to do a little soft shoe. 


 Winking Peanut thinks he's the George Clooney of peanuts.

"Sluggo" is a bit of a hothead, always ready for an altercation.   

Sometimes the Santa ornament has to intervene and give Sluggo a spanking. 

The Michael Jackson peanut has teamed up with one of the pixies for a ventriloquist act. 

While one of the more introverted pixies looks on... 

 The Eddie Haskell peanut is always in cahoots with the other ornaments, but tries to pass himself off as

"Commando" peanut suffers flashbacks and delusions that he is fighting in the jungles of Southeast Asia.  

 Narcoleptic Peanut is usually caught napping. His big feet make him sleepy.

Of course my favorite is the Mony peanut, the sweetest and most angelic of them all.   


  1. uh, i hate to break it to you, but Mony Peanut is BALD!!! give that peanut a weave, sistah!!!

  2. this post gave me great joy, simone. only a Mony tree would be adorned with rescue ornaments. my favorite is commando peanut, although i do not see any evidence of ptsd....he hides it well.

  3. and may i say that THIS revelation is the MOST disturbing of all your "disturbing christmas revelations" (see previous post

  4. God you are hilarious! This is so my cup of hot tea. Thank you.

  5. Hold the presses!!!!!!! PC just commented on my blog! SWEET!! This makes my day! Thanks for reading, Peri! : )