Monday, December 13, 2010

When It's This Cold....

......Curse words sound mild as a church chat. Consuming fat feels virtuous and wise. Alcohol is medicinal. You consider taking up smoking as a way to keep warm. You let the recycling go to hell.

When it's this cold....

You keep movements to a minimum, to conserve energy. You keep close to the stove, to your supply of tea. When you must go out, you wear ugly, sensible shoes and take baby steps out to your car. Your winter hat can't be too big or voluminous. It should extend high above your head like a cloud. It's okay to wear your robe under your coat when you go to the store. The normal rules of society don't apply.


  1. I can go nakey nakedness?

  2. Sorry, Outer Space Alien,

    No nakey nakedness for you! The rules of society still apply to galactic outlanders.

  3. i LOVE this! this is one for your book!

  4. this is greatness! i love it!!