Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is Your Hair Ready For Christmas?

Does your "do" say "I do mistletoe"? Does your upsweep make hearts leap? A brand new hair style will make your holiday hotter than a roasted hog. Nothing beats these merry mops for fetching kisses under the green.

And say, isn't that Susan Dey, aka Laurie Partridge of the Partridge Family, up on the housetop, cooly filching candy mints from the gingerbread people? She knows that everyone is too busy staring at her hair to notice her petty theft. Proving once again that the best front is a bouffant.


  1. i would SO wear that bouffant!

  2. What is function of this "hair" growth and curliform structures? Is bouffant make to antenna?

  3. Oh Outer Space Alien,

    I just knew you would have an interesting take on our human hair styles, and would somehow misunderstand their function as being technical. Your funny alien perspectives are so endearing. Hard as it may be for your kind to fathom, we humans don't have antennae.

  4. Then how are communication with ship mother?