Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little Plates

Sunny Madrid

The mother of one of Annabelle's friends just got back from a trip to Madrid, Spain. She said there is a completely different culture and mindset at work there. They are not as work-obsessed as we Americans. She said that everyone takes at least an hour for lunch during the work day. And everyone drinks wine at lunch. Everyone. And then they all take naps. Some lie down in the park for their nap, others snooze in their cars. And they eat dinner late. Like at 9:00 or 10:00, or much later. Before that, they snack on tapas.

Oh my gosh, what a culture shock this would be. I just don't know if I could HANDLE it. Ha ha ha.

Tapas with wine sounds good at 3:00 in the morning.


  1. i just realized, after reading this, that i was adopted at birth - the love child of wandering spanish gypsies. or maybe there was a dark, swarthy spaniard in the woodpile.....for as i read these words, i knew this was my country of origin. these are my people!!

  2. all managers, middle managers, supervisors, superintendents, and plain ole bosses should be shipped off to spain for a month....to see how it should REALLY be done. wine and naps....it's my dream job!

  3. A dark, swarthy Spaniard in the woodpile --you are too much! But the adopted love child of wandering Spanish gypsies...you might have something there.