Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kidney Thing

Did you know that when doctors do a kidney transplant, they leave the old kidneys in?

Did you know that if you are a potential kidney donor, part of the evaluation includes filling a jug with 24 hours worth of pee?

Did you know that the kidney donor sometimes has to use a "bowel evacuator" before surgery?

Neither did Jana Christy, but she is finding all this out and creating humorous cartoons on her blog to record her journey as a kidney donor for her brother. Her latest entry has her going through a final battery of tests. Fascinating, touching and funny reading.

Check it out: http://janachristy.com/blog/

Thanks to Roger's sister Laura, who told me about it. The blogger/kidney donor illustrates children's books, and her father is an art colleague of Laura's.


  1. checked out the website. what a wonderful and interesting way to share her story! way cool.

  2. I now realize there is a new category in my personal epistomology: things I just do not want to know!