Monday, May 3, 2010

What's Next For Mony

For weeks now, I've been compiling a mental list of things I'm gonna do when I'm done with school:

Start writing that novel

Read for fun--New Yorker articles, fiction, travel memoirs, satire, children's books....the sky's the limit!

Discover and explore new music --bands or artists I would be diggin' but have missed out on

Write more cards and letters to people--don't laugh!

Re-connect with people I've been neglecting--locally, and long distance


Join writer's group

Exercise--gave it up for lack of time, had short burst of inspiration in March and came close to establishing a routine! --then got busy and gave it up again

Read gluttonous cookbooks with indulgence-minded prose, like the Nigella Lawson books

Experiment with indulgent new recipes from gluttonous cookbooks

Plant something and try not to kill it

Excavate the files on my old computer

Become more deeply obsessed with tea

Draw cartoons or serious drawings that look like cartoons

Browse the library randomly and check out books on eclectic topics, whatever catches my eye, whatever trips my fancy, anything and everything--the world's my oyster!

Go to the City Market or the farmer's market on Saturdays

Look into being a literacy tutor --prolly not ready for the time commitment, but just curious

Idle away hours at book stores, antique stores, second-hand stores, thrift stores, junk shops

Amuse myself with half-assed efforts at home decorating

Plan elaborate road trips

Start up my own zine

Steer clear of swirling vortices!

Join the following groups:

The Kansas Native Plant Society
The Grassland Heritage Foundation
Nature Conservancy in Kansas group

Become a Groundhog for the Grassland Heritage Foundation:

"Groundhogs generally meet on the third Saturday of each month to work on prairie preservation projects.The Groundhogs are dedicated to prairie preservation in its most practical form. We meet once month, year round, to conduct the physical labor needed to protect prairie against its natural enemies. Our work typically involves removing trees and brush of all sizes from areas where they are invading prairie. We have also helped with burnings, reseedings, trail maintenance, building maintenance, and other projects. We regularly meet on the third Saturday of every month at various sites usually at 8:30 a.m.

Walk the trail at the Smoky Hill Ranch in western Kansas:


  1. i wish you a wonderful and excellent adventure, mony. last one on your list is my favorite. where's that trail? looks lovely!

  2. It's in Logan county. North of Scott City. South of Oakley. I read about the trail on the Nature Conservancy in Kansas website. I think they helped make the trail open to the public, along with some other groups.

  3. I vote for swirling vortices! And hiking in Logan County!

  4. I think Willa's daughters are excited about seeing a prairie -- maybe we can go there or someplace similar during Old Settlers. Suzanne, remember walking Threshers Canyon at Cedar Bluff that time with Laura and Willa?

  5. Maybe just driving west of town with them will be enough. It will be so different from what they have seen before. There is a nice little road that goes past Indian Hill, and that isn't too far away from Ness City and all the doings.

    Marc, I wager I will find myself drawn into a swirling vortex now and again.

  6. God, this post makes me feel better about life. I love the different shades of you photos--real cool.