Saturday, June 27, 2009

Live From Seattle

This! is what we're seeing every day, when we step out on the deck. Well, except when it's cloudy.

Some things I've seen in Seattle:

The nice lady who showed us which road led to Alki beach had a bumper sticker on her car that said: "Nobel Prize for Pete Seeger." She looked like a librarian.

The troll under the bridge. A poster taped to the bridge said there would be a performance of "Skakespeare on the troll" this summer.

On the bank of Lake Washington, a woman and man sat on a blanket. The man was typing on a manual typewriter.

The original Starbucks, at Pike Place Market. They toss paper cups the way the men at the fish market toss fish. But they have no cookies, and no plastic spoons.

Every night, somewhere around dusk, everything turns blue --the sky, the mountains, the sea. It's called "L' heure bleu". The blue hour.

We took a ferry to Bainbridge Island, and saw yellow jellyfish in the water.

There is more to say, but I am missing out on Seattle's blue hour while I type, so I must go now.


  1. Envious. It's been a week of brutal heat here in Larryville. Nice cooldown today, though.

    vocyth: a talking flower.

  2. Awesome, Simone! I'm glad you're having a great time. I knew you would like Seattle. :)

  3. That sounds beautiful!