Friday, December 5, 2008

Next To Godliness

My sister asked about dry cleaning the other day. She wanted to know what really happens to your clothes at the dry cleaner. I said it had always been a mystery to me. My brother said there was nothing mysterious, except how they got out the solvent they used to soak your clothes. So maybe dry cleaners aren't places of mystery, even with all their chemicals and steam. But sometimes their storefronts are:

If you don't need dry cleaning you can see Prince Okwina for a shoe shine

The name is so clever I can't get over it

A dry cleaners that cares more about justice than the rules (this Australian shop thinks its the Clint Eastwood of dry cleaners)

I would dirty my clothes just so I could come see this sign.

....Or this one

No, Really --The r Open

They clean clothes but will they clean their windows?

For all those soiled hours of yours

Drop off your clothes and get the weekly special

Kind of going overboard with the "green" concept.

Lots to like: Catchy name. At night - a big neon hangar. And that drive-in door must be huge.

You can't see it from here but there's surely a dry cleaners in there somewhere

Gets the award for best dry cleaners name ever

The only cleaners with a woman encased in glass. Also known as the WTF? cleaners

Have pants will travel

The dry cleaners that wishes it were a nightclub

Appeals to customers who can't settle on one color scheme

Dry cleaning with a little tongue

When only the very best will do


  1. simone! a coffee table book in the making, by gosh! loved 'em.

  2. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them. Once I began looking for dry cleaners images I couldn't stop.

  3. What's so weird about all this: the people most likely to need dry cleaning -- people who wear FANCY shit -- aren't they the LEAST likely to appreciate the quirkly little shops like Moonrock Cleaners? Seems to be a disconnect here. These little mom and pop dry cleaners, in their heart of hearts, don't they want to own diners?

    Please explain the Universe so I can live in it.

  4. Dracon the Odious ---any relation to Zarcon the Odious? I'm concerned about all the Odiousness.

    Anyway, you've made a good point about the disconnect. Seems like the front end of the dry cleaners should be all swank and hoity-toity-looking, given their clientale. On the contrary, most of the ones I see around town look like old bookie joints.

  5. I love this post. I love the comments to this post. It's almost sad that the Environmental/Green Movement will someday make these dry cleaning stores obsolete. When the time comes, we should keep the signs in an EPA museum--the Dri-Kleen section, of course!