Thursday, December 29, 2016

Found on the Ground --UPDATED!

Over Christmas I was in Ness and came across this while I was out on a walk. It was a walk to the liquor store, if you must know...but anyway.....

Try and hazard a guess as to what it is....

I'll update this post with the answer--if anyone responds.

So.... H.B., this blog's faithful and intrepid reader guessed turtle eggs, allowing as to the fact that this was unlikely in landlocked Kansas. H.B gets the prize for at least giving it a try! What's his reward? Er....honorable status as MVP ---Most Valuable Post-Reader.

My own guess, when I first came upon the curiousity, was it oxidized metal? A form of lichen? I touched the brown base expecting firm resistance and was startled by its squishiness. Not long after, the true nature of the thing came to light. And it was revealed as being a wayward dropped brownie adorned with M&M's.  

M & M's that now resemble turtle eggs.    



  1. Looks like turtle eggs...but out of context/element.

  2. Excellent guess! Perhaps left by the Great Plains Land Turtle...but actually, no. Nice try, though! I will update with the answer by sundown.

  3. Sundown here or sundown there?
    Because pins and needles and all.

  4. Sundown in Californy! Keep your running knickers on, Hal. Geez!

    Will update the post shortly.

  5. Whoa! I needed something to provide scale. It looked so much bigger...and less tasty.
    That is a bonus find.

  6. Yes, a bonus, though not so tasty anymore! Thanks for playing!