Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Counting down the baseball games left

Five. A measly five games. That's it. I can count on one hand the number of games left for the Royals, which includes the one tonight against the Twins. Then the baseball voices will fall silent and sports radio will be totally taken over by football. And there will be a feeling in the evenings, as the leaves fall and the cold wind scatters them, that something is missing.

To be honest, I am one of those new fans who didn't notice baseball going on around me until the first World Series bid in 2014. But once I started paying attention, the sport quickly grew on me. More about this in the coming weeks, as I work through my baseball withdrawal...but for now, I'd like to post something I heard Josh Vernier, the "baseball insider" say on the radio a few days back.

He was explaining to two sports radio talk show hosts why blaming one pitcher for a bad season or blaming one set of circumstances in a game doesn't make sense, because there are too many unpredictable variables in baseball, and what he said helps explain ONE reason why I love baseball so much:

Josh Vernier on 610 Sports Radio:

"Baseball's a thinking man's game. Baseball is the game that resides ----like life ----in the grey area. Sure football can be black and while ---this didn't happen, so this is never black and white. There's never an easy answer in the game of baseball. I understand fans and I understand sports radio always wants things to be and sports radio don't line up, because it's never easy in the game of baseball. It's always quite the long explanation if you want the true answer as to why your team lost that day or why your team's gonna fall short in the season."  


  1. I held out for about 5 more days, but it is now over here, as well.
    But here in Motown, we love our football. So, I always have that to fall back on.
    I am old enough to have witnessed a championship...59 years ago. As such, I don't get quite as upset as some of these young whippersnappers that get all discomposed when they look at the standings and see that the Lions are sitting on a perfect conference record of .000. I say chill, child. We already own the all time season record of will never get worse than that.

  2. Glad those glory days of 59 years ago still burn bright in your memory. You may need them--yet again! Though I know nothing about your Lions. Lions and Tigers...hmmm.... My baseball bug has not translated into football, but there are baseball movies, documentaries, audiobooks, and even old baseball games to revisit....just 180 some days until opening day....