Monday, October 5, 2015

My Mom is 91 Today

Mom used to bake a couple of apple pies every weekend.

Mom worked in her family's grocery store during the War when people used ration coupons.

Mom listened to the Hit Parade as a young woman.

Mom once broke into a public school by smashing the glass with her bare fist, so she and my older siblings (who were kids at the time) could take cover during a storm that had been rocking their trailer back and forth. (It was a school my dad was building and he had left to take supplies somewhere.) After the storm passed, my mom had the kids take hot baths to calm down.

Mom cut our hair and sewed dresses that were unappreciated by us.

Mom bought my sisters their first Beatle record.

Mom drove our pink Rambler 13 miles to Ransom to work the 3 to 11 shift as a nurse's aid.

Mom used to walk past the cemetery every night as a form of exercise.

Mom wonders why she didn't spray the basement for spiders when we were growing up. So do we.

Mom  watches Mollie B's Polka Party every Saturday night.

Mom has always had the hots for Christopher Plummer as he appears in the Sound of Music.

Mom prays the angels around us when we go on long trips or drive across Kansas.

Mom makes a salad or a dessert for funeral dinners whenever someone in the parish dies

Mom plays her keyboard like nobody's business.

Mom recently started an all-women percussion band.

Mom "doctors" at Ness but she used to doctor at Ransom.

Mom e-mails and surfs the net.

Mom likes carrot cake on her birthday.


  1. suzanne, october loverOctober 6, 2015 at 9:56 PM

    sweet! mom personified. i hope she reads this! you are a writer thru and thru....lucky for us!

  2. I love this!!! Happy happy happy birthday to ncmom!! I feel the same way about Christopher Plummer! Heehee! This is so awesome.