Sunday, December 8, 2013

Saint Winifred.

All hail Saint Winifred! The patron saint of heaters, radiators, and furnace vents.

She worries that you haven't changed your filter. I kept a small figurine of Winifred next to our furnace but it melted.
I've been fighting consciousness all day. Finally, I win. I'm going off to bed now, to my recurring nightmare about wickless candles. 


  1. Oh, dear. I wonder how she became the patron saint of radiators. Probably not by warming her hands.

  2. So...radiators as in heat radiatorsas opposed to the radiator in my race car?
    Because I could really use some assistance in that area. Seems that most of my "incidents" involve compromising the front of my car and that's where they keep the radiator. I've replaced quite a few over the years...and they ain't cheap.

  3. H. B., Although heat radiators are the classic and most expected item Saint Winifred handles, any radiating device involved in some manner of heat transference qualifies, so your car radiator is covered. Maybe you should be lighting more candles and paying more indulgences.

  4. Looking for a dash mountable Winny for next season