Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Perfect Paisley For Peaceful Poets

I scanned my elbow, to show you. In all your psychedelic dreams, could you ever ride a cloud as mind-blowing as the paisley on my blouse? Intricate patterns hint at life's inner mysteries, the cosmos unwinding around a single pearly star, the nuclei spirals of broken atoms. The paisley reads like an ancient text revealing the root of all things.  I bought it at Boomerang, a vintage store in Westport. Good for trips of all kinds.


  1. Wait a second: were you wearing this at supper last night? How did I miss that elbow?
    Let's go somewhere together with you in that shirt!

  2. well, i guess if one was taking a "trip" on acid,,that paisley might reveal the root of all things. hmmmmm...... great alliteration in the subject title, though.