Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Artists

Annabelle likes to freeze videos on YouTube and try to draw the cartoon characters. One of her favorite cartoons right now is Phineas and Ferb. She has a strong drawing arm and can draw bold, continuous lines.

Here is Ferb:

And Jeremy Johnson:

Here are some dragons she drew one night, during a thunderstorm. At the top of the page is a mommy dragon with its baby on top. She drew these out of her own head.

Lilah draws occasionally too. She reproduces scenes from Archie comic books.
She drew this freehand:

And this:


  1. wow. okay, now i wanna see them draw a portrait of you, monie. could be interesting.

  2. Pretty amazing. Makes me wonder what they're going to be doing with their lives when they grow up.

  3. I hope they keep drawing! These are wonderful!

  4. and i am comforted by the fact that they still publish "archie" comics!! who knew? loved those growing up. is jughead still part of the crew?

  5. holy crap! what the hell are you feeding them or whaaaaaaa?? those are amazing! annabelle sure has come a long way from those ominous heads with like, one big eye and stick legs.

  6. o. my. GOD!!! these are AMAZING! I want these on my wall and I'm not kidding. too cool for anymore words.

  7. They sure didn't get it from me! I give Simone the credit.