Thursday, May 6, 2010


Last night my collection development class met for the last time. Our instructor had us do some weeding. NOT as exciting as it sounds. We had to go up to the top floor, where a bunch of dusty, old bibliographies were shelved. Our instructor had marked a few of the books with orange strips of paper. She had us divide up into pairs, pick one of the marked books, and decide whether or not to keep it or weed it from the collection. Then we went around and told why we did or didn't think it should be weeded. Riveting stuff! It was kind of funny though, actually, some of the books that we looked at. One book from the 6o's was all worried about the "information explosion" that was taking place.

We were supposed to get a tour of the Marr Sound Archives, but the dude who runs the archive got the date mixed up, and wasn't there to take us around. Bummer. The Marr Archive has all kinds of old and rare music collections. You can only peer in through the glass, wishing you could get inside.


  1. "Information explosion" -- the dude got it half right. It's actually an "information-and-crap" explosion, with the crap part taking up about 90%.

    I want to learn more about the dark web.

  2. And so you shall. There are teachers. But you must seek them.