Monday, February 22, 2010

Trying not to bitch about the cold. But.....

Went out on my lunch break to finally take the recycling to the recycling place. We've been buried under at home with recyclables because it's been too cold or stormy to get rid of them. I've had the big green recycling bin in the trunk of my car for the past week. Finally broke down and went today. As I approached my car in the work parking lot, saw big gnarly icicles hanging from the bottom of my car. Did they hang on while I drove in this morning? Did they re-form while I was sitting inside the building? How can they still be there?

After dropping off the recycling, I went to fill gas. But the flap to my gas cap was frozen over. I chipped away at it for a minute with my keys, then said to hell with it. Limped back to work on fumes. Maybe I should just go home and not drive anywhere else until we thaw out.

All week it's going to stay cold. The high will be like, 29 degrees. I listened to Garrison Keillor on Saturday, and was envious when he said things were finally starting to warm up in Minnesota --to the low 30's. But I'm trying not to bitch about the cold...


  1. i find it incredible that you kansanites are functioning at all at this point! every day i watch the weather and all i see looming over kc is the big white blob. i would be tres depressed if i were there, so go ahead and bitch away, monie! you deserve to voice your discontent.

  2. yes, I think you have earned the right to bitch. Maybe you could compose a bitchy poem. Or maybe a blues lyric would be better. Spring IS really just around the corner, but that corner, she's a bitch!!

  3. It's a long corner. Yesterday the paper said it would be in the 40's on Saturday. Today they're backpedaling, and saying it will be in the 20's.