Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tis Folly To Dance This Dance!

I have been dancing with the devil of late. I have been drinking liberal amounts of coffee at work. Black coffee. Cup after dark-roasted cup. I knew I was asking for trouble, but I didn't notice any immediate side effects, so I just kept on drinking. Maybe something in my physiology has changed, I rationalized. Maybe I can do this now. Have a companionable mug at my side at all times, just like in the good old days. when coffee was an absolute good. Before the cumulative effect of the acid took its toll.

Aw, but it was sheer folly to think I could return to those free-wheelin' days. Now I am back on tea, which lacks the oomph of coffee, but doesn't seem to aggravate me. I must cultivate a deep passion for tea, I see.


  1. everybody's got to have a dance with temptation once in awhile, simoney. perhaps if you just cut back on the "liberal" amounts of cups of coffee...

  2. I remember that photo--nice match. I still say try chicory coffee...it's what the French use, doesn't that tempt you? :)

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot about the chicory coffee. I will have to try that!