Friday, October 30, 2009


This year for Halloween I wanted to be Endora from Bewitched. I love those loud 60's gowns she wore in the show, her flaming red hair and her garish eye make-up.

But then I thought maybe I would be a Bohemian gypsy instead:

Or this woman....

But then I found out that Roger wouldn't be working the night of the costume party, and we could go as something together. So I started thinking in terms of twosomes.

It would be cool to go as Joan Baez and Bob Dylan.

Or John and Yoko.

Or Porter and Dolly

Or these guys:

It would be fun to go as Wayne and Garth, because it's something we have done before. When we lived in Miami, we played Wayne and Garth in a skit that we (I) wrote for a friend who was moving to Denver.

Roger played Garth and I was Wayne. The clown wig was all we had on hand for Garth hair.

Wayne's World! Wayne's World! Party Time! Excellent!

We did Wayne's top ten reasons why Denver would be excellent.
One of them was No Hurricanes.

Yeah, it was cute, but why go down the road already traveled? Maybe it's time for something completely different.


Yes, Roger and I are going as Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion from Monty Python. Except we're going to be a bit more dressy, with little flowered hats and handbags.

Pepperpots is a term Graham Chapman coined when referring to the frumpy, middle-aged housewives he and the other Pythons played.


  1. well, i suppose everybody at whatever party you are going to attend will "get" your costumes. but, dangit! dolly and porter would have rocked it down here in the south!

  2. o god I love this post so much! Happy Halloweenie!