Thursday, July 19, 2007

Push Reel Mower Superiority Rant

An Eco-Rant for the Clean Air Crowd

All you gas fume-spewing turbo freaks
You make me sick
You make me sick
Stinkin’ up the subdivision
With your GAS and NOISE
Whilst I trim my lawn
In sweet silence
It’s a civil silence that you will never know
You with your motorized beasts
Crunching everything in sight
I choke on your air

I choke on your air
You fling rocks from the blade
While I sweetly snip the heads of daisies
Mine is an act of meditation
Yours is a roar
An ego-driven, roar of depravity
A machine of immolation
Yours is the aggressive strong arm of war
The testosterone-crazed hawkish delight
You charge through a quiet summer day
Holding us all captive
With your GAS and your NOISE
Flexing your muscle
Showing off your horsepower
Striking fear in the hearts of small bunnies
Assaulting that which you seek to tame
Stinkin’ up the subdivision
An act of savagery
It ain’t neighborly

1 comment:

  1. A new poem type thing! Yay! I love this! Thanks for speaking up on behalf of the Clean Air crowd.