Monday, July 10, 2017

Toads of Summer Pt. 2

For visuals of Kansas toads, see previous post, "Toads of Summer Pt. 1"

This here's the aural portion, featuring Michigan toads. Wait for the 18 second mark:


  1. It is now July and the beat goes on.
    Either that dude is a real player, real ugly or there aren't any lady toads In the neighborhood.
    Props for persistence....BASTARD!!!

  2. Ha ha!!! Sounds like we need updated audio. Maybe your toad audio could be a reoccurring feature on my blog.

    You can see how long it took me to add this! I was holding off moving forward with my blog until I could add this audio. (Also general summer business has led me to once again neglect my posts, as it were.) I knew I'd run into some bullshit technical problems I didn't have the patience for, so I put it off. But now that it's up I think it's quite a charming addition to my blog. I think after this post gets buried by newer posts, I may give this a home up on my side panel, above the 'Livin the Dream' lady.

  3. hahahahah! love it! So those sounds are toads? Interesting.