Thursday, February 23, 2017

I Can't Even.

Get down from there you crazy French men!


  1. Need more info on this photo.
    I'm assuming the guy with the tie is the boss. The other guy's sleeves are rolled up so he is probably working hard
    Neither one is wearing a hard hat, but I guess when you are at the top, the chance of something falling on your head is pretty slim.
    The commute seems like it might take quite a while. A bathroom break would pretty much kill the rest of the day.

  2. H.B., you elucidate the nightmarish logistics of this gig perfectly. You know what just occurred to me and is an even more disturbing thought ---there is someone even higher than they are taking the damn picture!

  3. You may be right. I just assumed the picture was taken by a passing Goodyear blimp. (in this case, more likely a Michelin blimp)

  4. Yes, it could have been a dirigible. Now there's a word I don't usually have the opportunity to say.

    MICHelin --HA!