Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thank you for the Hint, Heloise!

When I was a kid and was eating breakfast or lunch by myself or whatever, and needed something to read, I'd grab the Hutch paper sitting around and after exhausting the comics, would find myself reading the column "Hints from Heloise". 

I thought Heloise was a weird name, especially for someone who wasn't totally old, and to top it off, this Heloise had this spooky white hair, like she WAS an old lady, except with a younger face. 

What made her even more spooky was the vast knowledge she had.  She knew all these secret formulas and solutions, applications of baking soda for magical stain removal, ways to keep potatoes from going bad. By what sorcery did she come by these tricks?

She was a sage, but I was too young to avail myself of her wisdom, having no interest in things like freshening the laundry or hard-boiling eggs so that the yolks stayed centered.

But the other day, I needed to know an easy and safe way to remove wallpaper glue from the wall, after I had torn off years and layers of wallpaper, and lo and behold, there was Heloise online, advising me to use plain ol' vinegar mixed with water. I tried it and it worked!

Here is the before: 

Here is the after:

The picture on the internet shows Heloise with the same spooky white hair, and little else that has changed. Has she not aged? She must have a secret way around that too!

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  1. i remember the original heloise...the current miss h's mother. looks like daughter heloise knows her stuff...judging from your wall.