Monday, September 30, 2013

Last Call for September...

Don't look too close, because this calendar is wrong.  
Whatever Septembery stuff you wanted to get in, now's the time. Whatever I wanted to get out of my 40's, now's the time. I have one week left before the odometer turns over. One week left to be in my forties! I have mostly ignored the fact that the 40's are ending, but I have a late-hour impulse to suddenly grab the bedpost and hold on tight as I can to keep from getting dragged into the next decade.

I entered my 40's with such promise. I was turning cartwheels, and vowed I would never stop. That would be my signature antic --the thing that would show that I was still young. But ten years later, I admit I've lost all desire to turn cartwheels.

But ---it's not like I've been letting the grass grow under my feet. The 40's saw me some good times. I learned to play the fiddle (sort of --well, barely.). I watched my babies grow from being four and six years old to being teenagers. I got my second master's degree. I finally realized my life-long dream to visit the southwest AND Seattle. I also traveled my soul inside and out, while divorcing, and then re-marrying a certain jazz musician.

Despite the upheavals, or maybe because of them, I made progress in the areas of self-expression. I went from producing a single sheet newsletter called The Soul Flyer, which I left inside local coffee shops, to creating this blog. Now the irony is I'm contemplating making a print zine, which would be like going full circle.

I got maybe two things published online. Wrote a bunch more things that got rejected, but  --I ain't quit yet. Maybe my 50's will be the decade when my writing takes off. I would like that.  

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  1. sweet! this made me dab a few tears. don't you dare stop writing.....ever.