Saturday, May 25, 2013

They let me be on the radio!

It was a thrill this past Wednesday to do a guest DJ spot on community radio station 90.1 KKFI!  Mark Manning graciously allowed me to do an hour on his show, Midday Medley. I didn't get invited because I'm so awesome, but because I had donated to the station.

I was a little nervous about speaking on the air and having my words traveling through radio speakers all over the city --and potentially streaming all over the world!!---but what helped was my enthusiasm for the songs I chose to play. Once I got the mike in front of me I couldn't resist sharing why I liked them. Plus I had typed up notes on each song, and highlighted key phrases in case I blanked out. I had practiced talking about them in the car on the way to work that morning!

 I'm posting one of the songs here in honor of my lovely daughters Lilah and Annabelle, who both have birthdays this month.

This clip of Grace Slick's song "China" shows a montage of her daughter China from baby to grown woman. Seeing the images and hearing the song always makes me cry!

Below is my playlist:

Lose this skin - The Clash
Ruby --Kristin Hersh
Hello Lemon --Mike Andrews
Silver Spoon - Grace Slick and Paul Kantner
China ---Grace Slick and Paul Kantner
Love - Victoria Williams
I can't stand it --The Specials
The call up --The Clash
Perpetual motion machine ---Modest Mouse
Dark Matter --Bjork
A day ---Inara George
I can hear you --They might be giants


  1. congratulations! wish i could have heard your hour of power. had forgotten the song "china" and how much i used to love it. can't say i know ANY of your other choices, though. getting old here.

  2. That kid looks pretty trippy. Some of those faces creep me out.
    It was a great radio show; look forward to the next one!

  3. Timing was perfect. It was my lunch hour. I normally take a little nap but you kept me awake and interested for the whole hour. Excellent music.