Thursday, March 28, 2013

Monday morning in Seattle

On Monday I had to go to my conference, but it didn't start until 12:30, so Mich and I went out for breakfast at a charming little cafe called the Hi Spot. It has an upstairs area, hence its name. I had a lemon currant scone that was melt in my mouth good and a comforting, spicy chai.

After breakfast, Mich had to go to work so she dropped me off downtown. My conference was at the swank Monaco hotel, (one of the photos below) conveniently located across from the main branch of the Seattle Public Library. So guess where I hung out?

It was a little before ten, so I had to wait outside with the unwashed masses for it to open.


  1. love the pic of michele! and that library is a beautiful thing, isn't it??!

  2. Yes --will be posting more pics of the Seattle Public Lib soon.