Friday, September 28, 2012

Yes, I'm judging you -- I have a right to. (How I've come to have less guilt, more shoes.)

They say you can't judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes. Or a woman --though I'd hasten to add that in order to judge a woman you need to walk two miles, in stilettos.

Well, I have done that. Walked in other women's stilettos, pumps, and sling-backs.  Their boots, loafers, moccasins. As one who shops and wears used footwear, I have walked many many miles in many ladies' shoes. I therefore consider myself to have carte blanche to judge whomever I damn well please. That's the real payoff of buying second-hand!

Freedom to be more judgemental with every mile. 

And remember....a pedometer makes a good accessory!

Here are some actual used shoes owned at one time by actual other people  - and I'm walkin' in them!  

Like new, but these babies have been around the block a few times:

  Still elegant, sure, but boy if these shoes could talk!


This velvet green pump has seen its share of bathroom tile.

This snappy little number wasn't born yesterday!

These didn't just fall off the turnip truck.


These boots were made for walking. Walking and judging! 


  These hurt like the devil but give me license to scorn. 


Hell yes, these were someone else's shoes.
You think I could afford these rich-ass slippers new?



  1. i have a couple of comments.
    first off, i always think that shoes, once worn, resemble catfish.
    second, you are a supreme shopper. this is quite obvious. however, you know my personal beliefs about shoe karma. i can't walk around in someone else's karma.

  2. Yes, I know your beliefs. You have preached this dogma many times. You have etched it on your wall. You have written it upon a scroll, burned it, and smeared the ash upon your forehead. As Ringo said to those trying to paint him red for sacrifice in the movie *Help*, "I do not subscribe to your religion."

    And yes, I am a supreme shopper. I got the first three shoes for $3 each! I hardly think they would ever be confused with catfish, unless you're Mr. Magoo!