Monday, February 27, 2012

Tryanny of The New Yorker

The Tyranny of The New Yorker Magazine from Yuvi Zalkow on Vimeo.

I love getting The New Yorker magazine because the writing is top-notch and the articles cover every possible topic under the sun. Always something fascinating in each issue.

I dread getting the New Yorker magazine because it comes out every week and I can't possibly keep up with it. I have literally cringed upon seeing a new issue of the New Yorker in the mailbox, because I still hadn't cracked the one before it. That's why I found this video so spot-on and hilarious.

The last time I could read a New Yorker cover to cover was when we lived in Ossining, New York, before the kids arrived. Now---I try to be satisifed if I've left food stains somewhere inside each issue.

Yuvi Zalkow is a self-described "failed writer" (although he's due to release a novel soon), who makes hilarious videos about writing and failure using a little computer wizardry and his toddler's stuffed animals.


  1. That guy is a genius! That describes many aspects of my life. Too bad there's no co-op for the piles of unprocessed paper, the housework, the yard work, or the music business work in my life.

  2. very funny, monie. loved your phrase-"i try to be satisfied if i've left food stains inside each issue." i chuckled. :)