Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Box Fan

Well hell's here and a'knockin'
The devil wants to dance and he won't take no
so let's head down to the hardware store
they got a big ol' box fan on a shiny display
bright colored streamers blowing out of it
all the fresh-spun air a body can crave

hang-tongued dragging busking for dust
livin' like rags but sweatin' like kings
cool brains is a luxury we can't afford
so let's head down to the hardware store

we can stick our faces close to the blade
catch that axial-flow on the back of our necks
the smell of sawdust is a good, dry thing
when it's a faint backdrop to the airplane hum
of a high-speed motor turning the gears
that send the streamers flying
straight into your hair
kneeling in a holy cold corner
before the box fan display
of the hardware store
in July

1 comment:

  1. Wow! That's crazy and upside down.
    Gotta go look up busking.