Monday, August 30, 2010

Whirling Danish

I want to open a coffee shop called The Whirling Danish. I would serve mystic pastries and coffee. On hand would be a couple of plate spinners to perform the ritualistic whirling of the food and drink, rotating them in harmony with the universal rhythm that keeps all things balanced between the material and cosmic worlds.

Why danish? Because it's time for danish to make a come back, I think. They were big in the 60's. Then it was donuts. Then bagels. Then muffins. Lately cupcakes. But the time has come for the danish to re-emerge from the shadows. "How 'bout a nice danish to go with that coffee?" Such comforting words. I'm ready to live in a world where people are saying this to one another.


  1. okay this is like, the 2nd or 3rd place i have heard that cupcakes are the latest thing. however, i personally have not observed this. if you open such a coffee shop, i want to be one of the danish whirlers. i know i can do this!!

  2. Oh, I am sure you can, sister! You can be the head whirler.