Monday, April 13, 2009

So Many Eggs

The after effect of Easter is to suddenly have more boiled eggs on hand than anyone cares to eat. My fridge is crammed full. Deviled eggs and dyed eggs and extra hard-boiled eggs that nobody wanted to color. When I was a kid we dyed our eggs and left them in a bowl in the kitchen---for days ---and every so often we'd peel one and eat it. How is it we never got sick? They were sitting out at room temperature. My mom seemed to have a casual approach to refrigeration. I think when she was a kid, they had an iceman who would deliver their block for the week and that was their fridge. So no wonder. Our margarine was always left out on the counter on a small plate, and bowls with mysterious chunks of leftover meat and broth sometimes sat there too. Mom would leave the turkey thawing out on the back porch. Well, I suppose in the fall and winter it was cold enough.

Since it was Easter yesterday, I was thinking of that song "Morning Has Broken," by Cat Stevens. I was looking up the lyrics, and found out that the words had been a poem written by a woman named Eleanor Farjeon (pictured above). Get out! She wrote it as a children's hymn in 1931 for an old Gaelic tune associated with the Scottish village Bunessan.

Well, I love Cat Stevens and I love what he did with the song, but I also love Art Garfunkel's rendition. Speaking of Garfunkel, one of the funniest things I heard all weekend was the Jon Bovi opposite band on SNL. They insist they are "opposite", but all they do is sing Bon Jovi songs with antonyms subtituted for the regular lyrics. They also do a Gimon and Sarfunkel opposite band, and they sang this:

"Like a tunnel under peaceful fire, I will lay you up."

But the best is their opposite version of "That's what friends are for."
They sing:

"Keep frowning,
Knowing I can never count on you
Five Speedstick, (instead of For Sure)
That's what enemies are five"

Watch the whole thing here:


  1. I'll look at the clip later. I love posts like this: goes from easter eggs to cat stevens to opposite bon jovi. This has to be what life is about. Peace.

  2. Oh, I love "Morning has Broken". What a perfect Easter song. I love that this was the song of which you thought.

  3. Pretty good SNL skit. Why do I have a problem with McGruber guy--I don't want to. The blond guy looks like one of Adam Sandler's movie's dude. LOVE the concept. I'm thinking nuts of the lion.

  4. I'm sorry so many posts, but there is so much in the post itself. I love this refrigeration observation. I've been think about this for awhile. How often do we need it? I mean, what did they do before electrical refridge? My grandma told me about the ice man and this woman told me about her grandma keeping her butter on her counter. Also, this movie "The talented Mr. Ripley" got me thinking about this too--they swindle an icebox from Dickie Greenleaf's father. Good, unsettling movie--love Philip Seymour Hoffman in this: His entrance and the quote "How's the peeping, Tom, how's the peeping."

  5. Don't apologize for so many posts. The more comments the merrier. It wasn't the funniest SNL skit, but I guess I like rock parodies. Funny you have a problem with the McGruber guy. Because I have a problem with the other guy. The guy in the blond hair --he delivers all his lines the same way, no matter what character he plays. It really annoys me. He does everyone like he does Joe Biden. There is no nuance.

  6. Nuts of the lion would have been much funnier than nuts of the tiger.

  7. Cuz lion is the opposite of tiger, right? I don't know the blonde guy, but I already don't like him.
    I haven't figured out what it is about McGruber guy--I love the whole McGruber thing...maybe he's too 7th grade smiley?