Monday, April 6, 2009

Pots Of Fury

Uh-oh. My blog is having re-runs. I've already posted this cartoon once before. But it was all I had on hand to show pots getting really hot. Which is what happens on the electric stove in my new abode. I affectionately refer to these steaming vessels as "pots of fury." I turn my back and the water is boiling, veggies are steaming, meat is, yeah, we're cookin' now! It's so much better than the vintage gas stove I had at the old place. I loved that old gas relic, but trying to heat anything required the patience and spiritual detachment of Buddha. Now I no longer have to take several centering breaths before putting the kettle on. Oh the joy of over-cooking! I'd forgotten what it's like.


  1. It is the little things that make life great.

  2. Your cartoon dude always makes me think of Charlie Brown--it's the pot handle across his shirt.
    ...WTF, Confucius?!...

  3. At least your blog isn't having the runs...wa wa waaaa