Friday, October 7, 2016

Live-blogging my Birthday --Mid-morning

 At present I'm packing to go to Ness today, but early this morning I was creeping outside my daughter's sorority house. What compelled me to hit the road at rush hour, get stuck in a horrendous traffic jam and make a 90 minute round-trip to Lawrence?  My younger daughter needed to borrow a dress from her big sister for homecoming. And since I'm leaving town, this was my only chance to fetch the dress.

After procuring the garment, I went ahead and drove my daughter to her first class--which just happened to be in a building on a part of campus that was actually accessible to motorists---while dodging myriad college students sleep-walking to class. Not such a bad way to spend a birthday morning.

Around noonish I'll head back to Lawrence again, pick up daughter who will be finished with classes, and we'll head on our merry way to Ness City.  


  1. Delta Delta Delta can I help ya help ya help ya? Major 80s vibe here

  2. Wow, nice sorority house. Who does their yard work? 😊