Sunday, June 10, 2012

A new coffee shop (sort of ) in Ness City.

When I'm back home and shopping in the town's only grocery store, a family-owned operation, I'm always interested to see signs that local tastes are changing. The store has limited space and a fairly narrow inventory, so when I saw that they now stock Silk soy milk and almond milk, I know they must have some demand for it.

Another change -- Ness now has a coffee shop. A little place called "Cuppa Joe."  It is an incremental change, because this is a coffee shop in the old school vein, meaning, their coffee is in a pot, and there is one flavor: dark. No lattes or fancy roasts. But the coffee is set up on a friendly help-yourself counter and in the morning they also have baked goods to go with.

I went there on Friday around noon to check it out. First thing I noticed was the pair of wrought iron tables and chairs out front. I don't know if Ness will ever be ready for an espresso machine, but little outdoor tables are a start.  Inside they were doing a brisk lunch business. People were seated at small booths and tables eating the meal of the day --barbecue chicken with sides. Each day they serve a different homemade meal. As I poured myself a cup of coffee, I saw they also had pie!


  1. They would get a whole lot more business if they changed the name to "Pie Hole" and served coffee on the side.

  2. i've seen the ad for this place in the ness county news. simone, i see a new job for you! traveling all over western kansas, looking for the random coffee shop, writing reviews. your post about this one made me wanna go have a cuppa and most importantly...PIE!