Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Spring

Hello spring! You're always welcome. Who would ever turn you away? You with your champagne buds and your kickline blossoms. Who in their right mind would say, "Try the next house. We don't want any."

It's true your arrival is somewhat anti-climactic, what with it having been a mild winter and all. Your budding and popping came so early, you kind of killed the suspense for us. Usually we are afforded a little more time to get restless, and a tiny bit worried, so that the dark thought crosses our mind. The possibility that we have killed the earth for good and you aren't coming back. Then when you do come back, we are so relieved, we greet you with singing. We leap in your arms, re-born.

But this time you were a bit hasty, weren't you? You had to go and rush things. Bursting out in all your gaudiness, with flamboyance of life and weeds and insects, before our eyes had adjusted fully to the increasing light. Before we were ready to put away our boots.

But here you are, universally cheered and loved, symbol of hope and renewal...of course we're glad to see you. Who could ever argue with you? Not me, that's for sure. You're spring!


  1. spring, that sneaky little bitch, has shown herself to be a bit of a trollop this year - she's totally giving away the goods for free and showing her garters and her petticoats or pantaloons or whatever the hell fast girls show. i am amazed at how

    ANTI-CLIMACTIC is indeed the word! apparently, if we are not made to suffer through a cold-ass-bite winter, (that's a new term i just made up but i am digging it) we are unable to appreciate the advent of spring.

    in other words, our dark days allow us to appreciate the sunny ones. blah blah -- you get the idea. you are spot on. spring has sprung most excellently - and yet, i yawn

  2. I know --I hate to be so blase about spring, but it just isn't giving me the same kick it usually does, because it's so EARLY and it's been so unseasonably warm for weeks.

    Love the fact that you used the word "trollop." Yes, spring is a bit too "easy" this year, I'd say.

  3. gosh, how jaded y'all have become. i'll take "bursting out" and "flamboyance of life" any day! so..i don't want to hear any whining when that last cold snap occurs...and it will.

  4. I know. You is right. I took a walk today and the air was so fresh, and all the colors were so bright. It was wonderful. But my wardrobe isn't ready. My warm weather clothes from last year aren't in such great shape, so I'm going to have to go shopping soon.

  5. Oh, you are gonna get it. So winter is done with you? You think? I thought we were done with winter in February. March showed us what for. We finally some warmth this past weekend. I was damned grateful. Don't forget, it can snow in April in Kansas. And, hey, remember what I got last April when I visited? That was no sweet spring, I tell ya!