Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Live-Blogging the Blizzard of 2011 --UPDATED

5:00: The kids spread the joyous news throughout the house that their school is also cancelled for tomorrow. The school district website has the tell-tale snowflake on the screen, next to the announcement.

5:10 pm: Time to start supper. Dumpling soup sounds good for a day like today.

5:20: Open aseptic carton of Swanson's chicken broth.

5:21: What's that smell? The chicken broth has a strong odor. But it's Swanson's. I spent good money on this because it doesn't have MSG. How could it be bad?

5:22: Do I use this chicken broth? Is it okay? It has to be. I spent good money on it. I ignore the smell and pour it into the pot. Proceed to cook.

5:30: Continue to notice unsettling smell but flat-out ignore it.
5:59: Open bottle of wine I went out of my way to buy yesterday, in the freezing rain. I just had to have some red wine on hand in case we got snowed in. Pour myself a glass. Ahhh.......

6:14: The soup is almost ready. I test the broth. Oh no. It has an off-taste. It's the broth, I just know it. Am I going to poison my family? Am I willing to take such a chance? I look at a full pot of soup I spent 45 minutes making. Should I play dumb and serve this? YES.

6:29: I serve up the soup. Lilah starts to eat it. Makes a face. She says it tastes funny. Oh dear. She goes to help herself to some Kix cereal instead. Roger thinks it tastes fine. I drink my wine nervously.

7:24: Will disaster strike? Will we be okay, or come down with crippling stomach cramps? Only time will tell. So far, so good.

7:26: Lilah is learning to play the song "Skating", the Vince Guaraldi instrumental from "Charlie Brown Christmas."

7:30: Since we are snowbound with nothing to do, we are going to watch one of the movies I checked out of the library, failed to return on time, was unable to renew because it has a hold on it, and was unable to return late because of the storm: The Odd Couple with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. Critics say it is pure magic. Comic brilliance. I have a good supply of salt and vinegar chips to snack on during the show. If we're not all keeling over from food poisoning.

Stay tuned....


  1. sweet mother of mercy, woman!! "Oh i think i will feed my family this off can of BOTULISM INFUSED chicken broth... Ooops!!"

    what in the name of ALLAH were you thinking?!?!

    let me just ask -uh - HOW many bathrooms did you say you have in your house?

    maybe u need to think about this. maybe you didnt really pay "good" money. maybe it was bad money or thoughtless money or incidental money or mad money....and ps which grocery store had the broth!

  2. Man, I came back here hopin for another update! This is awesome! Haha.......

  3. Boy, I had what I THOUGHT was some awesome soup over at Simone's in December. Now I think I am getting a case of the delayed shits. Is that possible? I think she must have served me some bad chicken broth.