Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hiking Chapel Rock in Sedona

We spent only one night in Sedona, but it was one of our favorite stops. So much so, that we decided to hang around longer our second day there and do the Chapel Rock hike, which meant delaying our drive to the Grand Canyon by a few hours.

Earlier that morning, I had had a very unusual experience. In a dream my dad came to me, spoke my name, embraced me and kissed me on the cheek. It was so tangible, it woke me up. I sat up in bed and looked at the time. It was 5:00 in the morning. I stayed awake for awhile, with the pleasant sense that that had really been dad, that the contact was real, before dozing off again.

It wasn't until later that it hit me that we were in this land of supposed "energy vortexes" that some believed were spiritual power centers. Bell Rock, the site of one of the energy centers, was visible right outside our motel.

I'm not saying the vortexes exist, and made it easier for dad to contact me. I'm not even saying for sure that was him. It might have been just a dream. But how interesting that a dream so vivid it woke me up, of such a sensitive nature, happened in a place that has spiritual meaning to so many people.     
The Chapel Rock hike was incredible, and well worth the extra time it took.

On the way up to the chapel, (Chapel of the Holy Cross), which is open daily.

Annabelle coming back from the chapel.

View from the chapel overlook. Bell Rock is to the right. 

 Another view from the chapel.

Lilah and me follow Roger up the trail.

Some of these rocks are riddled with holes.

Weird plant and me.

Roger gets farther ahead while I lag behind to take pictures. 

Just look how blue that sky is!

More weird plants ---like something Dr. Seuss would draw! 

Annabelle - so small against the landscape.  

Annabelle "slipping" off the rock

Oh no! We're losing her!

Cacti by the road near where the car is parked.



  1. what a wonderful dream, simone! and who knows...maybe dad was there to give his blessing to you and roger's remarriage! what a sweet thought. the pictures are just incredible. glad annabelle didn't slip off that rock... :)

  2. Yeah, I had the same thought about Dad maybe being there to give his thumbs up or something. Who knows? This is one of the most scenic places we went. I always felt it was a shame I never shared these photos. But two years ago we still had a very slow computer, and it was very laborious to upload them. Sure makes it easier when you have a faster computer.