Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Who's That Peeking Over The Piano?

If you look very closely at the piano in this picture, you can see a head popping over the top of it. That head is Roger's. Here he is playing for the Kansas City Ballet's "Reach out and dance" (ROAD) program, which takes movement and dance into elementary schools.

The photo is from a story in last Sunday's Kansas City Star Magazine, which is mostly about boys who choose to pursue ballet, and mentions the ROAD program only briefly, but Roger's melon managed to sneak into the story anyway.

The founder of the ROAD program says the goal is to give kids "the discovery of dance.”

She says, “When we go into a school, we specifically tell the teachers not to point out the troublemakers. Many times, the teachers are shocked to find out that those troublemakers are the kids who were standouts with us. It’s a place where a child who struggles (academically) can be a star.”

The instructor, Sean Duus says, “What you see is that it helps kids learn everything more easily. You’ll start seeing improvements in (their) grades with kids who dance.”


  1. that's so cool that roger offers his talents to so many different projects and venues. he's very generous with his time. yay roger!

  2. Suzanne,
    Thanks for the praise, but really I only do it for the prestige. I know my career's gonna take off now with this picture of me in the Star!